AutoServer Weather Version 1.0

This program is a stand-alone program that will get weather data from a source weather station and broadcast that weather data over a Windows socket when requested.  In this way, Geomos can get weather data by treating Autoserver as the weather station. Autoserver can get weather from 4 different weather station types.
For example, Geomos can be configured as a STS combined weather station (DTM0) or a Vaisala.  If you have a Vaisala, then configure Autoserver to read the Vaisala sensor, and configure Geomos to use an STS sensor which only uses 1 sensor licence, compared to the Vaisala which uses 3 sensor licenses.  Also, if you use Vaisala with Geomos, it will NOT store rain data.  Autoserver will save accumulated rain which in turn is sent to Quikslope.
  •     Get weather data from approved weather station
  •     Get weather data from a database
  •     Broadcast weather in two different formats, depending upon the request string
  •     Can handle up to 10 clients requesting weather data
  •     Store a history of broadcast data
  •     Recognise when weather data is old and then ignore any requests for weather data
  •     Store weather data for transfer to Quikslope


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