In order to experience Quikslope, we are making some data available for training.  To create a project, you need two data sources.

  • You will need a CAD file.  This is a vdml file which can be created from many different graphic sources.  The most common of these is DXF.  This is probably the best because it holds full 3D data in the local grid system.  We will supply a zipped vdml file.
  • You need a database.  We have made an SQL 2005 database backup file available.  This can be unzipped and restored in SQL Server Management Studio, or ask your IT people to restore it for you.  You will need an SQL server (see under software downloads).  This can be an SQL Express on your computer, or you can use an existing SQL server (2005/2008) on your network.  See your IT people to organise.
  • As an alternative to the above, we have made a Q6DAT file available here as well.  You can create a new project and database, and use the import function.

Download Demo Data Project

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