Softrock recommend and sell the Precise (2 arc second accuracy-PSM05.10101) and Standard (7 arc second accuracy-PSM05.10102) Prisms for the best field observations of distance and angles.

Supply of these Prisms are prepackaged in boxes of 20 for protection in shipping and purchases of a carton (60 prisms) are offered with a discounted rate.

Mounting of the monitoring Prisms at the Pit is most easily achieved using the Prism Adaptor Plus (PSM05.10103) which includes a bolt and locking Nyloc nut for attaching to a star iron picket driven into the ground. Hard surfaces can be handled by drilling into the face and grouting in the Hard Rock Adaptor (PSM05.10105) or driving in the Galvanised Adaptor (PSM05.10104) as both include a rebar steel rod and bendable wire at the Adaptor connection for pointing towards the Instrument location.

Reference Prisms for control can be highlighted in the field by installing the Ref Prism Holders (PSM05.10222 or PSM05.10227).

Softrock also provide a range of Prism Hood Protector and tribrach Prism adaptors, tilt adjustable mountings and small target Prisms.

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