Alarms are a critical component of any implemented Monitoring system.

An Alarm system can consist of a number of different options depending upon the site requirements.

For example:

  • an Office Alarm providing Green/Red/Blue LED light strobes and piezo audio buzzer at the site office
  • Pit Alarms with Flashing Strobes, Traffic Lights and Klaxons at the instrument location, at the Pit entry Ramp, on the mine floor level etc
  • Email and SMS messages sent to nominated personnel or distribution Groups (eg Geotechs, Surveyors, Managers)

Alarm conditions are set and checked against every observation round in GeoMoS Monitor. Alarms can be set and escalated based on defined movement limit criteria and conditions (ie set limits of position movement of the Prism in 2D, 3D space and reduced slope distance).


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