Our Vision

“To be the automatic first choice for customers because of our quality systems, fail-safe procedures and trusted global support, and to attract and retain dedicated professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to fulfill Softrock’s potential and achieve their personal goals.”

Our Values

Honesty Integrity Dependability Flexibility Reliability

With over a decade of experience perfecting slope monitoring systems and software, Softrock Solutions is at the forefront of surveying technology. Based in Western Australia, we specialise in developing automated robotic surveying systems to detect movement in open pit walls, land slide areas, large structures and anywhere that movement may need to be monitored..

Whether you are working with pit walls, dam walls or any other large structure, detecting failures is integral to mitigating loss. Our surveying systems detect failures anywhere movement can be measured, ensuring man and machinery remain protected.

We aim to provide you with the most efficient hardware and software tools. With products ranging from entry-level software packages using current surveying instruments, to fully automated systems that operate 24/7. We have the solution for your project.

Our services include supplying:

  • Detailed quotes
  • All hardware and software
  • Personnel to install all equipment
  • Personnel to commission the system
  • Personnel to train your staff
  • On-going support

For information about our services, contact us today,


“We have been recommending QuikSlope as a comprehensive slope monitoring package for several years. The software eliminates the often observed mistake in spreadsheet analyses where line plots have been used instead of X/Y plots. This is in particular a problem for analysing the rate of movement, a critical element when assessing the possible onset of a slope failure and hence can pose a safety risk.”

Phil Dight – Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Australian Centre for Geomechanics

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